When Realiability is Everything
The family name EDiA appears proudly on our award-winning range of electric forklift trucks. The reputation that Mitsubishi Forklift trucks for endurance and realiabilty has likened them to the quality and enduring value of diamond.

Like any product bearing the "MITSUBISHI" name our materials handling equipment benefits from the tremendous heritage, huge resources and cutting-edge technology of one of the world’s largest corporations – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group. Engineering spacecraft, jet planes, power plants and more, MHI specialises in those technologies where performance, dependability and superiority decide your success or failure...

So when we promise you quality, reliability and value for money, you know it’s a guarantee we have the power to deliver. That’s why every model in our award-winning and comprehensive range of lift trucks and warehouse equipment is built to a high specification – to ensure it keeps working for you. Day after day. Year after year. Whatever the job. Whatever the conditions.

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Mitsubishi forklift trucks are valued for their non-stop reliability and low maintenance, but even the best equipment in the world requires servicing from time-to-time. Truck downtime costs you both time and money. That's why we offer a range of full and planned service programmes. Our Service experts will work with you to develop a programme of maintenance that is individually tailored to the needs of your trucks and your business.

We Provides -
  • CMRC- Complete maintenance & repair contract
  • Online - support
  • AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Compalete overhauling contract
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